Our long term goal is to raise the funding needed to open a youth center for young people in our area, giving them an outlet to have a safe and fun environment to be in when other organizations are not open to the public. My Auto Repair & Tire Center is one of our funding mechanisms along with The Carpenter’s Garage and Mi & Mi Auto Sales that will make our dream a reality. 

We believe that these funding mechanisms we put in place will work together to fund a youth center in our community. Programs being put together will let them see their value and offer them a safe place to gather with friends. Our focus around youth of all ages from young kids to young adults is to help them improve themselves, their families and schools which will improve the community as a whole.

We invite you to check out one of our companies we donate to, we would love you to check them out and possibly see how you can help them as well! 


My Auto Repair & Tire Center Revolutionizes the Auto Repair Industry!

The way most shops operate is to charge a high shop labor rate, and up to a 100% markup on parts. My Auto Repair & Tire Center has taken a drastic new approach to auto repair. My Auto Repair & Tire Center is a members-only state-of-the-art auto repair facility where members have exclusive access to the same high quality maintenance and repairs found at other facilities at deeply discounted prices. Our members only pay the actual time the technician works on your car. Members also receive deeply discounted prices on parts which saves even more money! Because of this radical new pricing model for auto repair, our members realize discounts somewhere in the neighborhood of half off what they would be charged elsewhere for the same quality parts, work, and warranty!

My Auto Repair & Tire Center Promises:

  1. To treat our members, as well as our employees, with respect.
  2. Members will not be lied to. 
  3. Members will never be told they need a repair that isn't necessary.
  4. Members will never be pressured into a repair.
  5. Members will never be charged for time that was not spent on their vehicle.
  6. Members will receive wholesale prices on parts.