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We are excited to announce the original Carpenter's Garage location is now open again for business 3201 NE Whitman Ave. Vancouver, WA 98662. This gives us two great locations to serve out Carpenter's Garage customers. The hours of operation at the re-opened Whitman Ave location are Monday through Friday from 9am-6pm. The Whitman location is just as before and that is a drop off location. Drop your car off, we will do the repair and call you when it is done and ready for pick-up. Reach us at 360-719-2114. We look forward to serving you again at 3201 Whitman Ave in Vancouver!  

The Carpenter's Garage is non-profit auto repair shop in Vancouver, WA. It's mission is to show Christ's love by reaching out blessing the surrounding community, serving those in need.

Click here to download the Reduced Labor Application.

 The Carpenter's Garage is a non-profit auto repair shop in Vancouver, WA. We provide discounted auto repair based on a sliding scale and the financial capabilities of the customer determined through an application process.

The Carpenters Garage is a federally registered 501(C)3 non-profit. In the past five years, we have given back over $1 million dollars to the community in scholarships and discounted labor services. Our mission is to show Christ's love by reaching out and blessing the surrounding community with this need for affordable automotive repair. Our services have helped numerous single mothers/families, disabled veterans, seniors and many more citizens in our community. If you have a vehicle, boat, or RV or other item you would like to donate, please call our office at 360-882-7755 to accept your tax deductible donation. If you would like to help support this service through our benevolence fund, you may donate through the PayPal link on this page.


If you have a vehicle, boar or RV to donate, please contact The Carpenter's Garage directly and arrangements can be made to accept your tax deductable donation.

What if you could bring hope to someone in need…
Be the Hands and Feet of Jesus for someone you don’t even know…
It is as simple as donating to an organization that you trust to do the right thing with your gift.The Carpenter’s Garage and My Auto Repair & Tire Center are asking you to consider making a year-end tax deductable donation. We have repaired 1,100 cars so far this year through the Carpenter’s Garage at reduced labor costs to help families in need.  
Imagine a single Mom calling in asking to have a repair done on her much needed vehicle only to find out that she cannot afford to have it fixed. We cannot in good faith let that happen. Sometimes, a running vehicle means the difference between having somewhere warm to sleep versus the alternative. The Carpenter’s Garage and My Auto Repair & Tire Center are focused on bettering not just our community but the world beyond. We can only meet our goals with the assistance of community members like you. This is a chance to invest in a non-profit that truly practices what it preaches. Today, with just a small donation, you can help us reach out to the community to help those that truly need it.

We understand that times are tough. However, we get many calls each day from someone in need of our help.  We cannot do everything, but we need to do something and with your help, it is possible to help those in need. We are not the typical organization. If you choose to give us your support, you'll be helping us reach more families in need of vehicle repair as well as seeing our vision to build youth centers in Clark County become a reality.  

We can only hope that you will support our mission and help us financially to make a difference in someone’s life. No donation is too small and all of it helps. You can donate online by visiting http://myautorepaircenter.com/carpenters-garage  and go to “donate” near the bottom of the page. If you would like to write a check, please make checks payable to The Carpenter’s Garage and send it to 2773 NE Andresen Road – Vancouver, WA  98661
. If you have any questions about what we do or whom we serve, feel free to give us a call or shoot us an email. We want to get to know the generous donors who dedicate their money to our mission in helping others in our community. Thank you for your time.




Yours Sincerely,
Sara Herschberger
The Carpenter’s Garage